Be the first mover.

Fund A.I. projects earlier than ever before.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning (A.I./ML) will soon become the most important technological force in society. This ecosystem is currently monopolized by only a few tech giants and elite institutions.

The technological and inequality gaps are rapidly growing. It's high time for change.

In the Multiverse™, we believe that powerful technology must involve people of all stripes. Many people have great ideas on how A.I. could help their communities, but they are limited by lack of coding skills or capital.

That’s why we built the Multiverse, which enables people to start projects without needing to write code or raise large amounts of capital. 

You can finally have a say in the types of A.I. applications you want, build the future together with visionary founders from all walks of life, be a part of the A.I. revolution today by easily staking on new A.I. projects. 

The playing field is finally level. Have the first mover advantage. Enter our Multiverse and stake on your chosen projects today.


Like any individual society, each planet has its own product, planetary tokens, decentralized exchange, tokenomics, and governance model.

Coded into smart contracts, these rules are initially determined by planet founders. Our blockchain and ecosystem ensures that the rules, workers’ rights, and economics on each planet are fully transparent to participants.

Decentralized exchange

Each planet’s decentralized exchange (DEX) lets you stake Multiverse Coins for a corresponding amount of planetary tokens. Whenever you stake in a planet, it updates the planet’s DEX rate automatically. The more stakers your chosen planet has, the higher the planetary token’s value. If you change your mind, you can always unstake and get a proportion of your Multiverse coins back, determined by the current DEX rate.

Stakers are protected with founder unstaking, spending, and vesting locked into their smart contracts. It's a new level of visibility and accountability.

P.S. As a staker, you’re not an investor or shareholder. Founders can’t spend your coins or tokens.

A new level of collaboration

Planets offer modular functionality that allows founders to utilize other planets’ products. Some examples of such planets are distributed storage, A.I. model training, and data sources. This helps you build high-performance A.I./ML applications with minimal reinvention and code waste.

Say goodbye to the current A.I. hegemony. Unlike existing platforms, the Multiverse’s network effects and open platform is inclusive by design.