has built a universe of A.I. resources is a distributed marketplace for making immersive A.I.

Get the building blocks needed for large language models, chatbots, and the 3D avatars that
represent them.


A.I. for the people

Open resources to build your dreams

We're inviting developers, designers, and dream weavers of all kinds to help us shape the future of A.I. From utter novices, to enterprise teams, to LLM builders, our goal is to enable access to this new world.

Community - The Growth Collective

Every voyage needs a crew. Meet people from around the world and tap into the wisdom of the collective. Join us as we support, nurture, and encourage each other along the way.


A self-sustaining, synergistic ecosystem of data miners and partners generating real economic value.


Help learn about and then help define the inevitable future where every technology and role is augmented or replaced by A.I. Those who get ahead will stay ahead.

The Return of In-Browser Awesome

In a nod to the truly OG, is bringing back in-browser data mining.

Push start
You were probably expecting some more marketing-talk here, but the team has been hard at work evolving the original concepts that made you love/hate the project. In-browser data mining has evolved for a new world of A.I. that demands incomprehensible amounts of data to build.

What’s impossible will soon be possible.

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