What is Multiverse AI?

Multiverse is the multi-chain metaverse, designed to allow the community to build and explore next-generation experiences on an open Web3 platform.

The Multiverse AI token (symbol: AI) is an ERC20 token that is currently listed on KuCoin and Bitfinex. When you transfer the ERC20 AI token into the Multiverse, it autonomously converts into the Multiverse blockchain’s native AI coin and opens up many additional use cases and possibilities.

You can transfer AI tokens into the Multiverse by using the MetaMask wallet browser extension and connecting it to your Multiverse Wallet. If you don’t have a MetaMask wallet, follow the instructions below. Please note that ETH gas fees will apply when transferring AI into and out of the Multiverse.

Overview and Allocation

Circulating Supply
1,014,942,802 AI (as of June 2021)
Max Supply
25 billion

AI Coin Allocation

Total Supply

Locked and Vested inside the Multiverse Staking Vault

  • 20% for founder and developer incentives (vested over 5 years)

  • 15% for the private sale (all private sale participants are locked and vested)

  • 5% for Multiverse team incentives (all team members are vested over 5 years)

Getting Started

How to buy AI tokens and coins

AI tokens are listed at an exchange like KuCoin and Bitfinex, which can be purchased according to the trading pair. They will be converted into Multiverse blockchain's native AI coins after being transferred into the Multiverse wallet.

You can buy ERC20 AI tokens at an exchange:

You can provide work or services for planets in exchange for AI coins.

Multiverse and AI tokens are currently not available to residents of the People’s Republic of China, the United States, Iran, North Korea, and the Crimea region. Please check with your local regulations before participating. We are working hard to make it easier for everyone to get more AI coins or tokens, so please stay tuned for new developments and announcements!

How to transfer AI into the Multiverse

Install MetaMask (if needed)

  • Download and install the MetaMask browser extension at
  • Select “Create a Wallet” and continue to create a username and password.
  • Carefully save your Secret Backup Phrase somewhere safe, as it will be needed in case you need to recover your wallet.
  • Confirm your Secret Backup Phrase and complete setup.
  • When you open the MetaMask extension, you will see your wallet address at the top. Clicking on this will copy your MetaMask wallet address to your clipboard.

Transfer AI to MetaMask wallet

  • Go to the wallet where you have your ERC20 AI tokens and transfer them to your MetaMask wallet address.

Instructions on how to withdraw from exchanges wallet

Connect MetaMask to Multiverse

  • Go to and create an account if you haven’t already.
  • Go to “My Wallet” in the main navigation menu.
  • Under “Transferring funds into your Multiverse Wallet” select the button that says “Select Ethereum Wallet.”
  • This should automatically open MetaMask and show your available wallets. Select the one that has the AI you’d like to transfer and click “Next.”
  • The button in My Wallet should now say “Transfer AI From MetaMask.” Select this button and enter how much AI you want to transfer in.
  • Complete the transfer on MetaMask, and you should see your balance updated on the Multiverse portal within about 10 minutes, after 35 block confirmations have been completed.
Withdrawing AI from Multiverse

Follow these instructions to withdraw AI from Multiverse into an Ethereum wallet:

  • Go to “My Wallet” on the Multiverse portal.
  • Select the button that says “Withdraw from Multiverse.”
  • Enter the Ethereum address that you want to hold your ERC20 AI tokens and the amount you want to transfer and select “Withdraw.” Please be sure that you have entered the right Ethereum wallet address and that it is compatible with Multiverse AI tokens. If the address you entered is incorrect, you may permanently lose the AI tokens you sent.
Using AI Coins in Multiverse

Once you have AI coins in Multiverse, there are many ways to use them.

Staking AI on Planets

Multiverse is composed of a variety of projects called ‘planets.’ Each planet represents an idea, product, utility, or service that someone wants to build. Each planet has its own token, economy, and governance policies, determined by the founder. When these planets are mature enough, they will be able to accept staking from supporters. When you stake on a planet, you convert AI coins into that planet’s token using Multiverse’s automated market maker algorithm. Earlier supporters will have a more favorable exchange rate between AI and the planetary token than later supporters. Planets may also provide benefits to stakers, such as interest, access to services, or participation in governance decisions. Over time, as more supporters stake into a planet, the value of its planetary token may grow, potentially allowing you to exchange back into more AI coins than you originally staked. Please note that founders may not spend your staked tokens.

Trading with AI

AI coins are the common unit of exchange within the Multiverse and across all planets and citizens. Planet founders that need work done will be able to pay workers or other planets with planetary tokens or AI coins. Citizens will be able use AI coins to pay for products and services offered by planets.

Fund Planet Development

If you have an idea, you will be able to create your own planet on the Multiverse with a minimal amount of AI. Once your idea is ready to accept staking, you will decide how many planetary tokens will be created, and how many AI coins you will put in as the founder’s stake. The founder’s stake can not be exchanged out and is subject to a vesting schedule determined by the founder and visible to all potential stakers. Once your vesting begins, you will be able to use those vested funds for continuing development of your planet. Any withdrawals of the founder’s stake outside of the vesting schedule will be subject to a delay and a disclosure to all current stakers of the upcoming transaction. Depending on the planet’s governance policies, the founder may also withdraw outside of vesting with staker approval. These policies are in place to protect stakers and promote transparency.