Student helping out in Multiverse

Fluent in Spanish, English

Enjoys coding and playing fútbol

Ex-Expedia, Samsung, SK telecom

Traveler, golfer, wine lover, avid singer

Operations expert, former pro athlete, & engineer

Invested in coaching future leaders & athletes (life after sports)

Secretly aspires to be an opera singer

Ex-Huobi, Binance

Experienced BD & marketing specialist in crypto

Ex-Google- Principal Engineer, Gmail Founding Team

Stanford University, B.S., M.S. Computer Science (A.I & Cryptography)

Tsinghua University, M.S. Computer Science

Published research paper on famous journal (IEEE TDSC)

Enjoys playing the saxophone, Taekwondo, and snowboarding

Ex-UBS, Societe Generale, 5+ years in traditional finance

Blockchain & economic empowerment advocate, NYU, M.S. Economics

Avid history reader & documentary watcher

Led mobile engineering at Google-acquired startup

Stanford CS & econ alum

Entrepreneur, traveler, futurist, vegetarian chowhound

Applying deep learning in computer vision and natural language processing

5+ years in A.I. domain (academic & professional)

Home Barista ☕

Visual Designer at 3Q Digital & Pinger

Art Center College of Design alum

Pre-orders games

Managed community for global projects & exchanges

4+ years in blockchain

NCAA DIII Soccer Player

Ex-Google, Twitter, PayPal, eBay

UX & Product; Stanford alum

Collector of hobbies (gastronomy, videography, health/fitness)

Co-founder- Crypto Briefing, Ex-Cointelegraph

30 years in news media and advertising

World Record holder: Hottest mile run by a human being

Content explorer with a knack for driving virality since 2016

Believes in stewarding societies through value & beauty

Part-time dog-hugger

Founder, TechCrunch, CrunchBase, Arrington XRP Capital

World’s 100 Most Influential - TIME Magazine

Ex-Intel, Multiple computer vision & graphics patents

Berkeley EECS alum

Entrepreneur, avid cook, photographer

6 years in software engineering

Sea sport lover (swimming, boating)

CTO, XOS Trucks, Ex-Tesla, CSO

Open-source advocate

Lectures at reputable institutions/ conferences about A.I. & blockchain

Lover of forests, hydreangea, & sparkles

Ex-Huobi, EY

3+ years in cryptocurrency

PHO slurper; astronomy, biology, & history enthusiast