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September 2021 Updates

September 2021 Updates

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Greetings from the Multiverse team!

In addition to munching on snow skin and double-yolked mooncakes, September was a month of strong progress and new beginnings! 

Our Team

First up, we're delighted to introduce our newest additions to the Multiverse team - Alex Negrete, Shirley, and Jake Choi!

Alex joins us as Multiverse's intern. He is fluent in Spanish and English, and we foresee him helping out a lot with our upcoming collaboration and expansion.

Shirley will be coming on board as our marketing advisor. She has a wealth of experience in marketing and public relations of the cryptocurrency space with building the Huobi brand. We're very excited for her extraordinary leadership and planning in our marketing strategies.

Jake has also started working with our team as a passionate and enthusiastic crypto community manager. With 4+ years of experience in global projects and exchanges, he will be heavily involved in formulating strategies for our expansion into the Korean market, alongside some stellar community planning.

As we grow, we're always looking for top-class people to join us in empowering founders and investors worldwide. We're aiming high and always interested in hearing from talented people!

Here are some of our updates for September:


User Experience

In line with ensuring that all is prepared for our upcoming staking Part 1, our product team has been reviewing user pathways for planetary founders this month. We conducted minor tests on paths leading up to the purchasing of SAFEs or SAFTs offered by projects. And to encourage more partner perks for planetary founders, we've also developed a template for Multiverse partners looking to provide exclusive benefits to planetary founders. 


This month, the bulk of our tech team's work focused on improving portal performance and ensuring long-term scalability for Multiverse's platform. Here are some improvements we made:

  • Platform upgrades: improvements to state management, type safety, and bug fixes 
  • Updates and changes to app (portal) internal structure
  • Added support for conditional orders (now immediate-only) 
  • Added (unconditional) order execution/ open-order matching system

Since our previous update, we’ve been working on our order matching system that will facilitate selling and buying of assets between Multiverse users. On top of enabling traditional “unconditional” orders, in which open buy and sell orders are automatically and immediately executed and closed when the prices are matched, we are also working on offering “conditional'' sell orders. These allow the seller to add conditions based on the potential buyer’s ownership of other assets that must be fulfilled before the order is executed. For example, this would allow a project founder to offer discount pricing of tokens only to investors who have a minimum number of “Thank You Points” earned from contributing to the project.

We’ve added support for TOTP authenticator apps (in case you need more choices other than Google Authenticator) to our 2-factor authentication as a step towards increasing security on our platform. We've also implemented a testing library to conduct proper integration testing on individual components that rely on our app state. This is in addition to a client-side logger that reports:

  • warnings and errors to analytics as events, and
  • errors to Stackdriver logs which help us investigate server and cloud function errors

We've also been exploring Telegram's API - gathering live data from our channel history and organizing them into different models and datasets for labeling. This will help improve our marketing bot to better incentivize constructive discussions in communities (and eventually on each planet). Speaking of which, we were also planning and ironing out the details for our planetary forum feature (discussions for each planet).


Thanks to our Echelon Alpha community, we've managed to accelerate the addition and testing of bot functions on our Discord server. We've always been grateful for our insanely proactive and helpful community; the constant feedback from our community members has been paramount in helping us fine tune what our audiences would like to see. 

It is from your fantastic feedback that we decided to host our very first Discord AMA with Wan Wei! We do hope those of you who've joined our first live event had as much fun as we did hosting it!

We're also excited to announce a Community Contributor program we'll be rolling out soon! In line with our beliefs of building an inclusive and open-sourced community, we hope our new blog could serve as an additional platform for more voices to be heard. If you’re interested in having an additional platform to raise awareness for a real-world issue, do keep a lookout for it soon! 

Other fun stuff you might want to check out:

To cater to our budding Vietnamese community, we've also recently started an unofficial Telegram group, and we're currently planning two upcoming AMAs.

Our official groups: 

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