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Governance Staking and Multiverse Communications Launch

Governance Staking and Multiverse Communications Launch

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Small steps and giant leaps...

We are thrilled to announce the launch of Governance Staking and Multiverse Communications

Governance Staking lets you participate in guiding the direction of the Multiverse ecosystem at a high level. It’s separate from Planetary/Daome™ Governance, which is performed on a per-planet basis. The Multiverse Governance framework is Sybil-resistant, but also allows you to have your voice heard on the topics that matter the most to you.

The first step in Governance Staking is collecting the parameters the community is interested in voting on (i.e. meta-governance) to prevent the presence of a bewildering array of thousands of irrelevant poll questions at each election. We’ll be rolling out meta-governance in the Multiverse Communications feature…

Launching Multiverse Communications is equally exciting for the dev team as it’s a cornerstone of our upcoming 3D metaverse and enables Governance. You can try the 2D version of our chat platform by signing in to portal.multiverse.ai and exchange thoughts and ideas with other Multiverse users across a variety of topics, with a growing feature set over time. This will initially be available on the Multiverse Homeworld planet, and will gradually roll-out to other planets over time.

Today’s launch represents the first iteration and front-end implementation of our chat service. It has been built to scale on Quokka and span across a wide range of platforms and experiences, including web, mobile app, and immersive 3D.

We are being thoughtful and deliberate about the sequencing and timing of our platform feature launches. Each component and feature we add increases both the capability and the complexity of our platform, and we want to be sure we’re keeping Multiverse experiences useful and engaging. The first and most critical component of a vibrant metaverse is the ability to freely exchange ideas and information, unbound by the limitations or overreach of a 3rd party platform. We want to first enable people to talk to one another and communicate directly in Multiverse to enable more complex and higher stakes capabilities in the near future.

Thanks for being part of our journey, and we look forward to sharing more launches and updates soon!

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